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Standards DB for Long Term Preservation


The intention of the Standards Database for Long Term Preservation is to give an overview of existing common standards and projects within digital preservation and in which contexts these are applicable. Firstly, common standards are surveyed and commented.


The Standards DB is easy to use. An intuitive user experience was the main driver to establish this data base. This makes training and large user guides unnecessary.

Beside global semantic search capabilities the data base offers filter mechanism to drill down the search results to get exactly the information the user is looking for.

The data base describes the standards content, it's applicability in specific domains, the related market segments wherefore the standard has been established and its current status related to the standardization process.

If available references to applications and impact experiences of users who applied the standard are given either as links to other repositories or organizations, which maintain the standard itself or to experienced users, who could provide feedback about their own records.

Standard Areas

The standards DB gives an overview about processes, projects, formats and derivation from previous standards. It provides also alternatives and shows the advantages as well as the weaknesses of standards if they are applied in a nonintended way.

The Future of the Standards DB

InConTec is dedicated to extend and maintain the Standards DB. In a next upcoming version the user community can contribute to the enrichment of the data base with an authoring section and can request information gathering about new or upcoming standards.

Our news section will report about the future achievements.