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Services for EDA (Electronic Design Automation)

Services in the field of Collaborative Development Environments for Mechatronics Systems

According to the guiding principle "follow the sun" today globally-acting engineering teams collaborate in the fields of development, construction and process planning. Here digital design and engineering objects are exchanged between different engineering domains jointly used under controlled conditions.

Especially in projects in which electronic and mechanical components have to collude - e.g. printed circuit boards built into enclosures, the so-called mechatronics – standardized collaborative computer-aided methodologies are essential for the success and timely progress of a project. Thereby beside the allocation of the digital design and development objects the protection of ones know-how or generally speaking the intellectual property is of significant importance for all participants of the development process.

In this field InConTec offers sophisticated advice and support, like:

  • Requirements and weakness analysis
  • Design and creation of XML-, RDF- and OWL-based data models and schemas
  • Infrastructures for the automated support of communication, methodology, logging and documentation
  • Creation and integration of partially and fully automated IPR representation and protection mechanism
  • Database design for the electronic and mechatronics development
  • Dynamical and distributed administration of CAD libraries for the logical and physical design
  • Creation, integration and utilization of component information systems
  • Conceptual design and specification of design data management systems
  • Integration planning of collaborative Infrastructures with PLM systems
  • Efficient workflow integration and migration of ad-hoc infrastructures
  • Model administration and library structures for signal integrity and EMC simulation
  • Software Quality Assurance