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Scalable Semantic Product Data Stream Management for Collaboration and Decision Making in Engineering

The change from traditional product feature oriented business models to service oriented offers requires a much better understanding of the behavior of the product during the entire life cycle. Intangible assets which are taken as contractual base for performance, dimensioning, maintenance cost and system availability under specified usage conditions require monitoring, surveillance and analysis of complex systems to ensure the success of the taken commitments.

In the SmartVortex project co-funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission, a technological infrastructure consisting of a comprehensive suite of interoperable tools, services and methods for intelligent management, validation and analysis of massive volatile data streams will be established that allows to monitor systems in a such way that the actual system behavior enables condition and trend analysis, immediate and preventive actions on operating systems and adaptive optimization of simulation models or functional parameters for the design and engineering process.

The high frequency real-time (up to 10 GB/sec) data streams to be captured are generated from sensors, actuators and Software components connected to the system which is subject for the new business model. The federated data stream management system as core of this project and the combined tools and services system enable monitoring, alerting, storage of pertinent data and automated as well as human supervised collaborative decision processes.

The federated architecture supports scalability and ensures the efficiency of the system in any distributed or embedded configuration. To increase the usability even mobile devices can be used to control and operate the system on the user dashboard.

Prototypes have been established to support use cases for predictive maintenance, fault prevention, usage condition monitoring and simulation based design optimization from the machinery, construction equipment, tooling and automotive industries.

Use cases in SmartVortex

SmartVortex has selected four different use cases provided by the participating industrial partners.

  • Structural and fluid optimization
  • Hydro Motor System dimensioning and surveillance
  • Tool design model optimization
  • Fleet management of construction machines


More information about SmartVortex

More detailed information about the SmartVortex Project you can get on the project webpage. Just click on the project logo.


News from SmartVortex

SmartVortex has been presented at the Hannover fair 2014 at the German Ministry of Economics and Energy within the scope of the German research initiative Industry 4.0

Final Review

The SmartVortex project was running from October 2010 until Sepember 2014 and had its final review in late 2014. The exceptional results have been carried over to other research projects and business activities.


SmartVortex Fact Sheet

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SmartVortex Partner

This project has received funding from The European Union's Seventh Framework Program for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no 257899