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Education and Training Services

Preparation and Execution of Training Arrangements

In all those areas where InConTec offers consulting, development and implementation services corresponding training concepts will be created and executed. This can be about "train the trainer" services as well as the organization and execution of complete onsite training sessions for the following areas:

  • Long-term Preservation
    • Data Preparation and Normalization for the ingest process
    • Data acquisition form existing archives or Product Life-cycle Management Systems (PLM)
    • Set-up of a preservation Framework
    • Standard selection for preservation formats
    • Data migration
  • Collaboration Processes in Design and Engineering
    • Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Protection
    • ECAD-MCAD Collaboration
    • Collaboration activities based on data streams
  • Sensor Data Streams
    • Sensor Fusion Computation
    • Meta data set-up for sensor networks
    • Monitoring of sensor controlled processes
  • Service oriented business models based on data streaming sensor technologies
    • Fleet Management
    • Risk reduction in complex machining environments
    • Design model optimization to enlarge the maintenance and service offers
    • Dimensioning support for complex machinery and plant systems
    • Control parameter library establishment as additional service offer

InConTec can revert to long lasting experiences in those areas. If needed, the cooperation with several specialized research institutions will strengthen the planned projects.

E-Learning and Blended-learning based Training Methods

Alternatively InConTec offers the creation of web- or intranet-based e-Learning courses and blended-learning proposals for the introduction of new products, processes, tools and methods in innovative and rapid changing application.