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Our Mission

Research, Development and Innovation are the driving forces for technological leadership.

InConTec was established to take this mission as a fundament for the company's activities. The wide spread horizon of its founders, who can look back on long-standing experiences in Industry and Academia gives us the base for our activities Since many years the founders and staff are successfully active in national and international Research projects and that relates to several different science domains, in which InConTec is involved. This is where innovation comes into account. The widespread expertise in those different sectors gives us the opportunity to think about new solutions without the tunnel vision, which gets established if you don't break new ground.

Thinking about the applicability of inventions of one domain in another one can open up new opportunities without reinventing the wheel again. The background of our company's employees is based on software and engineering technologies in several sectors, from CAD/CAM for mechanical and electrical designs over part, component, and life cycle management up to process automation and data stream computing in complex sensor systems. In those areas collaboration between users and systems is mandatory for the success driving factors of our clients. This is not only valid inside one company. Application and Development of cross-organizational collaboration services is a mandatory in the globalized world of supply chains. To protect the intellectual property while collaborating is a cornerstone of our activities.

Long-term preservation including the needed semantic technologies are an additional fields of our activities. This area might be undervalued today in many industrial companies. But long ago the European Commission has long ago recognized that preservation is a key to protect the global digital memory. The industry recently started to care about that. By the Digital Agenda of the European Union, public libraries, memory and science institutions are admonished to digitize older artefacts and to preserve them in the same way as the so called digital born ones.

InConTec is active in all the above mentioned areas and can offer you support, advice in your problem's solution and develop best fitting applications for your success.


Research in Europe

Partnership between European research institutions, academia and industry is a fundamental driver of innovation and market success for the economic well behavior of Europe.

The combination of long lasting industrial practice know-how, scientific background, innovation needs and enterpreneurial spirit establishes the right atmosphere for success.

Since several years InConTec partners with other European institutes and companies to contribute with its know-how to the success of research and innovation projects

EU co-funded Projects

InConTec has a long lasting record in research operations. The projects just finished or still in progress are the following:

These projects have received funding from The European Union's Seventh Framework Program for research, technological development and demonstration starting from 2008.

InConTec's contributions focussing on:

  • Market research
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dissemination
  • Exploitation
  • Project Management

More about the above mentioned projects you find on our web-page in the Research section.